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TERRA’s Journey Towards Sustainability


TERRA is an Indian personal care brand focused on creating sustainable and eco-friendly baby care products. Since its inception, the company has been on a journey to source the highest quality natural ingredients while minimizing environmental impact. TERRA aims to develop innovative products using the best Mother Nature has to offer. They combine these ingredients with cutting-edge technology to create safe and effective items for babies. TERRA aspires to tread lightly and leave as small an environmental footprint as possible for future generations to enjoy similar natural gifts.

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Exploring Natural Ingredients Globally 

TERRA’s search for the best natural ingredients has taken them around the world. From bamboo forests in Asia to kiwifruit orchards near their New Zealand headquarters, they source key materials like:

  • Bamboo from Asia for biodegradable wipes
  • Wood chips from sustainable US forests
  • Sugar cane from Australian farms
  • Soy amino acids from Japanese fishing villages

This ensures babies benefit from the highest quality botanicals while supporting international communities.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Terra baby wipes

TERRA is committed to developing a circular economy with minimal waste. Their manufacturing plants utilize renewable energy and donate or recycle any production byproducts. Rigorous testing also ensures products are safe for sensitive skin as well as the environment.

TERRA maintains high standards of quality, safety, and sustainability by implementing rigorous quality control measures, embracing continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring compliance with certifications, cultivating strong supplier partnerships, engaging with consumers for feedback, and prioritising transparency and communication, upholding its commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility worldwide.


Once products are used, TERRA aims for them to safely return to nature. Their formulations and packaging are designed for compostability so that nothing is left with harmful residues. This closes the loop of their circular economy vision.

By prioritizing naturalness, renewability and care for the planet in all aspects, TERRA creates gentle products in the truest sense of the word. Sustainability is core to their identity and mission.

TERRA innovates by prioritising sustainable materials and packaging solutions, balancing environmental responsibility with consumer satisfaction. From biodegradable packaging to recycled materials, products are designed with a commitment to quality, innovation, and eco-friendly choices, empowering consumers to make sustainable decisions.

Empowering Local Communities

Where possible, they source materials locally to reduce food miles and transportation emissions. This also helps empower smallholder farmers and suppliers. Their bamboo is sourced from managed forests in northeast India, providing steady incomes to over 500 families. They conduct training programs for farmers on sustainable harvesting techniques and organic certification. This improves their livelihoods while conserving native biodiversity in the region. Terragentle has also partnered with women’s self-help groups to outsource secondary packaging operations, creating local job opportunities.

Carbon Footprint Reduction Targets 

Terra Products

To measure their sustainability performance, Terragentle has set science-based targets to reduce our carbon footprint in line with the Paris Agreement. They have already achieved a 30% reduction in emissions from our facilities through investments in LED lighting and rooftop solar panels. Their goal is to become carbon neutral in operations by 2027. We are also working on a detailed life cycle assessment of our products to identify hotspots and lower embodied carbon. Terragentle offsets remaining emissions through high-quality forestry projects. Through these targets and actions, they are minimizing our contribution to climate change.

Transparency and Impact Reporting

Terragentle is committed to transparency in its sustainability journey. They publish annual impact reports documenting our material sourcing practices, carbon footprint reduction progress, community outreach work, and other environmental initiatives. They also conduct third-party audits of our value chain partners to ensure standards are being met. By reporting openly, they aim to motivate our stakeholders to join us in protecting the planet. They hope that through our efforts, Terragentle can demonstrate that prioritizing sustainability need not come at the cost of business growth or product quality. Their vision is to be gentle not just on babies, but on the entire earth that nurtures us.

Challenges and Opportunities

Here are some challenges and Opportunities that Terra has to face:

  • Adhering to stringent certification standards while expanding product range and markets presents challenges but also opportunities to set new benchmarks.
  • Educating consumers about sustainability issues and benefits of natural products helps drive demand but requires innovative communication.
  • Global supply chain disruptions impact cost and availability of raw materials, requiring flexibility and alternative sourcing.

TERRA’s Vision for the Future

  • Achieve carbon neutral manufacturing by 2030 through on-site renewable energy and carbon offset programs.
  • Launch biodegradable packaging solutions made from agricultural waste streams.
  • Partner with small farmers and indigenous communities to develop regenerative sourcing practices.
  • Publish an annual impact report detailing environmental performance, community initiatives and goals.
  • Host open days at manufacturing facilities to promote transparency and inspire youth towards green careers.
  • Collaborate with retailers on awareness campaigns highlighting credentials of TERRA products.
  • Expand into new categories like personal hygiene and home care with a focus on plastic free formats.

The additional points aim to provide more context around challenges of sustainability journey and TERRA’s long term strategic goals by referencing focus areas mentioned on other relevant pages of the website.


In conclusion, Terragentle strives to minimize its environmental impact through a holistic approach spanning sourcing, operations, community outreach and transparency. Their goal is to be a regenerative company that gives back to the planet and people. There is still room for improvement, and we will continue innovating to reduce their footprint further. By making sustainability intrinsic to their business model, they hope to inspire more brands to embrace natural and ethical practices.


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